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Enterprise Mission: Create Green Stage, Lighting Green World
Enterprise Vision: Green World, Environmental Protection and Life, Beautiful Future
Enterprise Core Values: Gather Achieving Ability

Company LOGO Meaning:

1. There are 16pcs roundness and oval spots means the 16pcs spots which the stage lighting fixtures shot on the ground. At the same time, it means 16 kinds of enterprise operation wisdoms. Middle semicircle of light and shadow, it’s a symbol of a semicircle stage. The light and shade are layout around, simple and elegant.

2. Blue represents the rigorous, orange represents the thinking activity. The blue represents our persistence of lighting industrial research and development, the orange represents our persistent of thoughts and ideas for the products development and creation.

3. There are five orange spots stands for the V-shape of VANGAA, it also looks like a “√” mark. The implied meaning is “You chose the perfect products and the best service when you chose VANGAA.” That is your real “right” choice. 

4. VANGAA likes a flag, also likes a Chinese knotting and mascot, which is flying on this wide stage of LED lights and saving energy &protecting environment lighting. She will go forward forever and has a brightness future!