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Auditiorium of Zhejiang PoliceCollegue
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 This is a sacred place. Among the many universities, only the police college students have the most consistent, can let people feel the student army’s peculiar sense of majesty. VanGaa Lighting, honored to add an own strength for zhejiang police college report hall, how proud!

Zhejiang Police College is located in the south bank of Qiantang River in Hangzhou Binjiang Higher Education Park, is a police higher applied talents, cultivation of police administration full-time undergraduate colleges and universities.Formerly known as zhejiang province public security cadres schools;School is director of the ministry of public security national county public security training base, the ministry of public security police actual combat training base, the ministry of public security informatization education training base of science and technology, research and development center of ministry of public security police skills and tactics, the ministry of public security, ministry of commerce foreign aid PeiXunDian outside (p), the ministry of public security police training program to undertake base of central Europe.

In the just-held G20 Summit held in Hangzhou, the Police College security work played a very big role. In the G20 just past, the College organized a summary of the work of recognition of the General Assembly, the stage of the police students are accept the recognition. The force in the recognition of the General Assembly on the brilliant light, Both surface light, top light, backlighting, is a perfect match.The light show with 40 units computer lights, 16 sets LED three basic colors soft lights, 80 sets LED waterproof par lights, 16 sets LED profile spot lights, it is a visual feast.

From: VanGaa Lighting

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