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VanGaa Lighting settled in Zhengzhou China Power Grid Group Co., Ltd.
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 In 9.6 million square kilometers of China, there are innumerble conference rooms. Especially, the new transformation is countless. With the development of the times, many new conference room decoration, will use the new conference room lighting. Zhengzhou China Power Grid Group Co., Ltd. used the meeting room lamps of VanGaa lighting to decorate conference room was successfully completed.

When  Zhengzhou China Power Grid  do the decoration of the multi-purpose hall meeting room, they are strict with suppliers. For the supplier which can not meet the requirements, they resolutly say no. Multi-function hall lighting, is the core of the multi-purpose hall soul. China power grid i resolutely chose VanGaa Lighting Factory as their lighting parter after examining a number of lighting manufacturers. Whether the face light used the latest LED spotlight spotlight, or the top light used full mute LED three-color conference lights, but also to some performances, used in the beam lights and Par light, VanGaa Lighting made a perfect answer .

In the production of multi-function hall lighting research and development, VanGaa Lighting has always insisted on the best products, the best services to customers. Strive for innovation. Therefore, multi-function hall lights with a variety of options, you can choose liberally.


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