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The Design Scheme of LED Three - color Conference Lighting in Anhui kouzi wine industry
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Anhui Kouzi wine industry co., LTD. Is the first batch of liquor enterprises established after the founding of China, which is famous for its production of liquor of famous liquor, which is the key backbone enterprise of national wine making."VanGaa Lighting" focuses on meeting room lights, and its led tricolor meeting light is used in such a production of wine group building conference hall,can be described as complement each other.


 Kouzi Wine Co., Ltd. Group's conference hall, the focus of the transformation is to keep up with the modern sense. In the selection of the conference room light, not only focus on quality, pay more attention to light sense, illumination.


 "VanGaa Lighting" new embedded electric flip LED conference lights can fully meet the meeting room for high-quality lighting requirements, but also electric flip. At the time of the meeting, the position of the rostrum changes, electric flip LED conference lights can be shifted from 0 to 60 degrees to make an effective angle adjustment. And this light color temperature, illumination, are designed according to high-definition shooting requirements, so it’s light is very uniform, let people’s face very glossy, degree of reduction is very high.


 Anhui Kouzi wine industry conference hall on the rostrum with 18 sets of LED three-color conference lights as the top light, 12 sets of par light as face light, from the back can also see the clear stage, the light effect is very good!


From: VanGaa Lighting Factory

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