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LED Conference Light Project Cases
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With the development of science and technology, people on the conference room lighting requirements are getting higher. In order to satisfy the conference organizer and participants, LED meeting lights play a decisive role in ensuring the clarity of the meeting room.


Conference room of the Organization Department of Anhui Provincial Committee and Changchun Bank are mainly used to meet clients, internal meetings, the size of the conference room is different, the difference between the conference room light is also great.


Conference room of the Organization Department of Anhui Provincial Committee

Conference room of Changchun Bank 

"VanGaa Lighting" communicates with the customer, confirms the effect demand, and makes reasonable program.The customer finally choose our embedded electric flip LED conference lights, which can be high in the CRI, high brightness, anti-glare, full silence, and very consistent with the design aesthetic of the conference room.


From: VanGaa Lighting Factory

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