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LED digital spotlight manufacturers
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"VanGaa Lighting" is the LED digital spotlight brand manufacturers, focusing on conference rooms, studios, multi-function hall, theater hall lighting and other special lighting research and development, production and sales, product R & D investment increased year by year, the product obtained dozens of technology patents, and obtain Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Small Giant, Guangdong high-tech cultivation enterprises, innovation and technology enterprises in Guangdong Province, and other awards.

LED digital spotlight is the latest lamps and lanterns which research and develop by VanGaa Lighting. It is mainly used in TV studios, conference rooms, theater auditorium, multi-purpose hall and other places as a functional light. Only the traditional halogen tungsten spotlight one-tenth of the power, to achieve the same optical performance.


LED digital spotlight Advantages:

    First, using the high color rendering index LED as the light-emitting element, CRI ≥ 92, satisfying the professional photography, camera requirements, color reproduction degree is true and clear.

    Second, the product uses high-quality raw materials, circuits, aluminum, LED light source as the solid-state light-emitting devices which are from line of industry-wide brand, to protect products with longer service life from the source, light up to 50,000 hours.

    Third, the high power density of the LED module and high efficient aspheric concentrating system, high luminous efficiency, large beam angle, uniform light spot, effectively control the stray light, astigmatism.

    Four, built-in DMX512 signal control, dimming range 0 ~ 100%, knob adjustment, no need to adjust the cabinet, the operation is more simple and convenient. Cooling mode using silent fan active cooling.

As a manufacturer of LED digital spotlight manufacturers, we produce lamps with long life, low heat, low power consumption, color temperature consistent, soft light, energy saving, high security, easy installation and so on. To professional and technical, product specifications complete to meet customer needs; provide one to one consultation, design, pricing services. All product quality assurance, free warranty for one year.

From: VanGaa Lighting Factory

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