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The price difference of LED thread spotlight is serious, how to get customer trust?
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VanGaa Lighting is a professional R & D LED conference room lighting manufacturer. The most common conference meeting room lighting are LED thread spotlight and LED three basic color conference room,they usually are the customer's first choice. In order to allow customers to experience the cost-effective products, but also to enjoy high-quality services and after-sales, making LED conference room lighting customers receive the majority of industry trust, VanGaa Lighting has been tireless efforts!

So, how to get the customer's trust? First of all, we must talk about why customers do not trust you!

Today,just from their own reasons to find:

First, the company website information is not complete, not perfect. The trading is based on honesty, the official website did not show anything, in addition to the template is same as others ,no key point, or can not see the clear focus, how customers tolerate? Can not get customer trust,and there are so many manufacturers to compete, no one will sit there waiting for you to improve slowly!


Second, typing slow, leave the seat. A professional customer service staff will not appear this situation, can’t timely response to customer demand, will only allow customers to leave you. Even if you contact the customer afterwards, but your offer can only be used as a reference.

Third, irrelevant answer. can not answer the customer's question or reply is not the answer to the customer, just can appear you are not professional.For example,how much is LED three-color conference light’s CRI? You only say routine, it simply can not convince the customer. After all, different manufacturers products are not the same, not regular


Fourth, over-commitment. It’s quite clear that no one is willing to break his words, but it is often the time to show sincerity. Once appear such problems, you need to pay for your excessive commitment, you want to remedy, rather than say a bunch of reasons can not solve practical problems. What kind of behavior can be taken to save your honesty, the end result is the focus.

Fifth, only know sales, don't sell yourself. You are on behalf of the company, selling yourself is more important than selling products,such as supermarket sale field salesperson, obviously different from the cosmetics salesman. Supermarket sales staff has been saying the good, the special price, and cosmetics sales staff will be based on your skin, your current situation recommended different products, and from their own, their used feeling to affect you, to persuade you.

Facts have proved that only practice ourselves well, good product, good service, customers will stick to y you.

From: VanGaa Lighting

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