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How to maintain the stage lighting equipment?
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The life of the lighting equipment depends to a large extent on the quality of maintenance. Lighting equipment maintenance is trivial, basically to do the daily routine testing, weekly regular testing, monthly equipment maintenance and appropriate debugging. Many customers pay great attention to the maintenance of lighting equipment, today we are going to talk about equipment maintenance precautions and routine testing range.

A: The matters needing attention

1: Half an hour before the opening, open all the equipment for low temperature preheating one by one, test all equipment and lines at the same time, the low temperature state refers to the lights dim.

2:Warmed up all the equipment and back to zero in fifteen minutes, so that equipment cooling, cooling time is not less than fifteen minutes.

3: After cooling, can be formally entered the stage of music performance.

4: The end of the show, the guests leave, the lighting division should shut down all the equipment, let equipment cool for 15 to 20 minutes, then the equipment for storage or mask, and then the lights engineer leave.


B: Routine detection range

1: Whether the light bulb is normal.

2: All equipment connection is normal or not.

3: All equipment whether can normal use, including the light control switch, color change control, computer light movement, etc whether are normal.

4: Whether or not DMX512 signal control is able to control the lamp.

5: Whether the special effect equipment is normal use, and filled with the required materials: such as: smoke machine, fog machine, snow machine, bubble machine.

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